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Welcome to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Originally part of the town of Bushwick, Williamsburg was founded in 1810 and named for a Colonel Williams, the engineer who surveyed it. In the mid-nineteenth century it was a popular resort; its hotels near the Brooklyn Ferry attracted a wealthy, cosmopolitan crowd, including such gourmets and sportsmen as Commodore Vanderbilt and William C. Whitney.

Today Williamsburg is New York's latest new art district set within an old, rough-around-the-edges Polish, Hispanic, and Jewish neighborhood. Less slick than Manhattan, Williamsburg mixes new boutiques and galleries next to Spanish grocers, Hasidic shops and graffitied storefronts. Some blocks are gentrified, others are still gritty. As home to approximatly 20,000 artists, it is the world's densest enclave of creativity. Over 40 galleries or art spaces display their talents and host their poetry readings. If you can handle a little urban grit this is the place to see what and who will be hot next. Countless hip cafes, bakeries and excellent restaurants cater to every taste, at prices that beat Manhattan's. If you like London's East End, Berlin's Kreutzburg or Rome's Trastevere, you will like Williamsburg. Williamsburg, just 15 minutes from Manhattan, is located at the first subway stop in Brooklyn on the L, J or M trains. For an unforgettable experience you can even walk over the Williamsburg Bridge!

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